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Green Cards Providing a Beacon of Hope for a Better Life

Green Card Attorney in Fort Myers

Serving Foreign Nationals around the World

Being granted lawful permanent residency in the United States is a dream of many immigrants. Lawful permanent residency (LPR) is the first step toward obtaining citizenship. Green card holders enjoy many benefits that other non-residents do not receive.

If you are interested in obtaining a green card, it is in your best interest to work with a capable Fort Myers immigration attorney. Hurtado Immigration Law Firm can walk you through the process and position you for success every step of the way.

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Benefits of Holding a Green Card

Though many temporary visas can be a significant stepping stone towards achieving the American dream, a green card grants rights and benefits that can have a huge impact on the LPR’s future.

Lawful permanent residents can:

  • Leave or enter the U.S. without the risk of being denied entry (so long as they travel with their green card)
  • Apply for government-sponsored aid for education
  • Save money on university and college as opposed to foreign nationals
  • Work in the U.S. without employer sponsorship
  • Start a business in the U.S.
  • Receive Social Security benefits if they worked for 10 years before retiring
  • Enjoy nearly all rights of citizens under U.S. law except the right to vote

How to Obtain a Green Card

Those interested in applying for a green card must first qualify by meeting certain requirements. There are a few different ways that a foreigner can qualify.

You may obtain a green card through:

  • Family: Certain relatives of U.S. citizens or those engaged to a U.S. citizen may be eligible for permanent residency
  • Employment: The PERM process allows certain foreigners to obtain a green card to work in the U.S.
  • Special immigrant status: Religious workers, international broadcasters, special immigrant juveniles, and certain other immigrants may be eligible for a green card
  • Refugee or asylee status: You can obtain a green card if you were granted asylum status or admitted as a refugee at least one year ago
  • Status as a victim of human trafficking or abuse: Individuals who have left their home country as the victims of human trafficking, crime, or battery or extreme cruelty can be granted permanent residency

When you call Hurtado Immigration Law Firm, we can assess your situation and determine the right avenue towards permanent residency for you to pursue. We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can tailor our representation to their unique needs. You can count on our Fort Myers green card attorney to fight for a favorable resolution on your behalf.

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Client Testimonials
  • What an amazing experience from beginning to end.

    “What an amazing experience from beginning to end. This firm has handled our K1 Visa process like no other and made everything easy with lots of love, care and attention to detail. Highly recommend!!!!”

    - Irma R.
  • They really cared and fought for me. Charges were dropped and now I am ready to pursue immigration benefits.

    “I am so thankful for the team at the Firm. The performed very professionally and with excellence. Not only were all the charges dropped, but I feel vindicated due to the fact that Mr. Hurtado and Ms. ...”

    - Sergio
  • He made my dream come true!

    “I can write all my experience with Mr. Hurtado, but I'm not gonna make you lose your time. All you have to know is that I'm finally at the U.S. thanks to him. He made my dream come true”

    - Daniel
  • Great lawyer and helps with all the elements to win the case

    “He is a great lawyer, he helps with all the elements to win the case, he is very honest, helpful and is very polite.”

    - Sara
  • Mr. Hurtado is a great lawyer! I am so thankful

    “Mr. Hurtado is a great lawyer. He is honest and gets straight to the point. He and his team are kind, hardworking and professional people. I am so thankful for all their help.”

    - Alfredo