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Black Lives Matter

Hurtado Immigration Law Firm stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We feel the weight of racial violence continuing unabated throughout our country as communities protest the violent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and hundreds of other Black lives.

As a business, we will continue to learn, educate, and spread awareness on the injustices that exist in our world today. In this moment, we are called on to do much more to eliminate bias and end racism. We also must undertake this work within ourselves and our own organizations, especially those of us that are meant to serve and protect impacted communities.

Join us on our journey towards creating change by following the steps Next Level Church encourages:

  1. Listen, don't defend. Fight polarization. Love by listening to those that have had different experiences then you.
  2. Empathize, don't numb. When you see hurt people, cry with them and try to feel their pain and anguish
  3. Leverage, don't limit. Get involved, each one of us to our ability. It can be as simple as letting someone know in a private conversation that you are not ok with that racial joke, or standing up for someone at work. Others can do more.

Watch the full conversation with Pastors Matt Keller and Charles Ross: